is an architectural and design firm with an international orientation. Our interdisciplinary approach often goes beyond the work of a classic architectural firm. We are involved in public and private construction projects of all sizes.

BENZ & ZIEGLER harnesses the extraordinary synergies that exist between design, planning and implementation. Regardless of the budget or specifications, we believe that quality can be expressed everywhere and that good architecture is possible at any scale.

BENZ & ZIEGLER flies high while staying firmly grounded. We are goal-driven freethinkers. Our clients enjoy seeing their visions come to life, and we are a reliable partner that makes this possible. We have gathered many years of expertise as architects, interior architects and product designers, as well as brand architects and designers.

By bringing together specialists from a range of disciplines, we are able to realise all types of buildings and projects, and are driven to replace efficiency-driven monotony with bold and extravagant architecture.

BENZ & ZIEGLER consists of a team of architects, designers, urban planners, landscape designers, interior architects, product designers and scenographers.

BENZ & ZIEGLER works for private clients, real estate developers, companies, the public sector and cultural institutions.